The 9th (2015) SMT China Vision Awards - Call for Entries

Our community is the powered by creativeness. Owing to continuous creativities and innovations of international and domestic SMT assembly materials, equipment, tools and services providers, we make our products better, faster, and enhanced our standard of living.

To recognize their remarkable contributions, SMT China magazine organizes SMT China Vision Awards program, the only international accreditation for China's electronics manufacturing industry. This is an annual assessment activity for the industry launched since 2007.

SMT China Vision Awards will be assessed by experts in the downstream industry. Products or technologies of the winners are recognized by downstream industry, and will be eligible to use SMT China VA logo on their award-winning products or technologies.

The 9th SMT China Vision Awards program is now open for entries and will be closed by Mar 5, 2015. Winners will be announced at the SMT China Vision Awards Presentation Ceremony, during NEPCON China, Shanghai, April 21-23, and will be published in SMT China website, SMT China magazine Jun/Jul 2015 issue, and in the official Nepcon China Show Dailies.

To ensure professionalism, independence, and fairness in the assessment of SMT China Vision Awards, a distinguished panel of independent judges will be invited to judge for the winners. The judging panel includes recognized industry experts and academic professionals in the field of electronics manufacturing technology, while another judging panel will be selected and invited from technical and management levels of SMT China readers who work in manufacturing facilities for products of communications, industrial electronics, computing and peripherals, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, as well as EMS and OEMs in China. The judging criteria will be emphasized on Creativeness and Advanced in Nature of the entries, and their contributions in helping the downstream industry to reduce Cost, improve Quality, increase Efficiency, enhance Reliability, ensure Safety and protect the Environment.

Both domestic and international companies are welcome to submit entries for their inventions or innovative products and/or technologies in SMT methods, processes, materials, equipment, software, and management services.

Any entry deemed by the judges to be of both Creativeness and Advanced in Nature and meet at least one of the other 6 criteria will be eligible for the SMT China Vision Award. Winning companies be allowed to display the SMT China Vision Award Winner logo on their winning products or services.

Separately, the SMT China Chinese Achievement Awards will be presented to local Chinese companies for their technologies and products which are identified to have attained international level.

SMT China Vision Awards program features 41 categories, divided into 6 segments (see Categories). As these categories may not necessarily cover all of the technologies/ products required by downstream industry, we welcome registrations of products or technologies not listed in Categories.