SMT China Magazine Announces the Winners of the 11th SMT China VISION Awards

ASM Assembly Systems Takes Home the Top Prize: the VA Prime Award

SHANGHAI—25 April 2017—SMT China announces the winners of The 11th SMT China VISION Awards at NEPCON China.

There were 26 awards presented with 13 products received VISION Awards, and 10 products received VA Excellent Awards. In addition, Chinese Achievement Awards were presented to DONGGUAN ANDA Automatic Equipment and GuangDong Pangus lnformation Technology whose products attained the overall highest scores among all entries from Chinese companies.

The VA Prime Award was presented to ASM Assembly Systems, whose product attained the overall highest score among all entries.

The SMT China VISION Awards recognize the people and products within the surface mount industry that serve as benchmarks of excellence. The nominated products are judged by a panel of well-known SMT experts and dedicated SMT readers specifically on their innovativeness, and their contributions in helping the downstream industry to reduce costs, improve product quality, increase production efficiencies, enhance reliability, ensure worker safety, protect the environment, and produce its overall impact.

The Vision Awards program phase two: SMT China readers ranked their top three picks—the three award-winning products of this year's vision awards that they felt (1) reflect the most innovativeness in design and (2) could impact their assembly floor and, ultimately, their jobs the most. The top three vote-getters each received a SMT China VA Readers' Choice Award.

All the Reader-Choice nominations received, and the winners are listed in the below. It will also be announced in the June/July issue of SMT China magazine.

The Vision Awards program is the only international accreditation for China's electronics manufacturing industry with participation and support from international and domestic suppliers serving the industry in China, and with the winners being judged by technical experts in the field and senior executives from the downstream industry in China. The awards presentation has been held in China for 11 years since 2007.

The 11th Vision Awards Winners

  Award   Entries   Company   Category
  VA Prime Award   SIPLACE TX Micron ASM Assembly Systems Pick & Placement-High Volume
  VA Chinese   Achievement   Award   AC-16 Intelligent Coating Machine DongGuan ANDA Automatic Equipment Dispensing Equipment
  VA Chinese   Achievement   Award   Intelligent Management System (IMS) GuangDong Pangus lnformation Technology Manufacturing Software
  VA Excellence   Award   DEK All-Purpose Clamping (APC) ASM Assembly Systems Solder Paste Printing-Stencil & Screen Printing
  VA Excellence   Award   AC-16 Intelligent Coating Machine DongGuan ANDA Automatic Equipment Dispensing Equipment
  VA Excellence   Award   SIPLACE TX Micron ASM Assembly Systems Pick & Placement-High Volume
  VA Excellence   Award   PYRAMAX™ ZeroTurn BTU International Reflow Soldering
  VA Excellence   Award   Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer (CATHOX) ITW EAE - Vitronics Soltec Reflow Soldering
  VA Excellence   Award   AXC-800 - Component Counter Scienscope International Reflow Soldering
  VA Excellence   Award   ZEVAm - Fine Pitch Technology ITW EAE - Vitronics Soltec Selective Soldering
  VA Excellence   Award   ConneX™ Smart Programming Software Data I/O Corp Device Programming
  VA Excellence   Award   Intelligent Management System (IMS) GuangDong Pangus lnformation Technology Manufacturing Software
  VA Excellence   Award   ALPHA®EF-2100 Liquid Soldering Alpha Assembly Solutions Fluxes
  Vision Award   AD-16 High Speed Dispensing Machine DongGuan ANDA Automatic Equipment Dispensing Equipment
  Vision Award   Compact Jet Valve DELO-DOT PN3 DELO Industrial Adhesives Dispensing Equipment
  Vision Award   KM1430 - Precision Injection Molding Machine Suzhou KONIG Electronic Technology Dispensing Equipment
  Vision Award   S3088 Ultra Blue Inspection System Viscom Inspection & Testing-AOI
  Vision Award   E9905EL I307x Series 5 test system Keysight Technologies Inspection & Testing - ICT
  Vision Award   SMT Intelligent First Article Inspection System Shenzhen Bluiris Technology Inspection & Testing-FAI
  Vision Award   CV-5200 Soldering and Rework Systems Metcal Hand Soldering
  Vision Award   TS3030 Modular Machine Insertion (MMI) American Tec Assembly Tool
  Vision Award   Intelligent PIS Temperature Curve Shenzhen JHD Technology Process Control Software
  Vision Award   Auto Dual Simultaneous (ADS) Option Nordson Asymtek Dispensing & Conformal Coating
  Vision Award TPM550-Thermal Conductive Phase Change Material H.K. Wentworth Thermal Interface Materials
  Vision Award   New SMT Range of Contact Cleaners TEKNEK Cleaning Equipment
  Vision Award   GT+ Solder Paste Printing Machines GKG Precision Machine Solder Paste Printing-Stencil & Screen Printing
  Reader's Choice   Awards   SMT Intelligent First Article Inspection   System Shenzhen Bluiris Technology Inspection & Testing-FAI
  Reader's Choice   Awards   SIPLACE TX Micron ASM Assembly Systems Pick & Placement-High Volume
  Reader's Choice   Awards   AD-16 High Speed Dispensing Machine DongGuan ANDA Automatic Equipment Dispensing Equipment

*Readers Choice Award lucky draw winners announced.


Qualification for Entry

Any inventions or innovative products and/or technologies in SMT methods, processes, materials, equipment, software, and management services entered the China market between Jan 1, 2016 and Feb 28, 2017.

The 8 Judging Criteria

Be Creativeness and Advanced in Nature, and contribute to at least one of the following: reduce Cost, improve Quality, increase Efficiency, enhance Reliability, ensure Safety, or Environment protection.

The Judging Committee

A distinguished panel of independent judges will be invited. They are recognized experts from the industry and academics in the field of electronics manufacturing technology.

The Award

SMT China VISION AwardSMT China VA Excellence AwardSMT China VA Prime AwardSMT China VA Chinese Achievement AwardSMT China VA Readers' Choice Award.

VA logo

Winning company will be eligible to place the SMT China Vision Awards Winner logo onto the winning products or technologies.


1.1.1   Solder Paste Printing-Stencil & Screen
1.1.2   Solder Paste Printing-Jetting & Others

1.2      Dispensing Equipment

1.3.1   Pick & Placement-High Volume
1.3.2   Pick & Placement-Medium & Low Volume
1.3.3   Pick & Placement-Multifunction
1.3.4   Pick & Placement-Feeders

1.4.1   Reflow Soldering
1.4.2   Wave Soldering
1.4.3   Selective Soldering
1.4.4   Profiling

1.5.1   Cleaning Equipment
1.5.2   Cleaning Agents
1.5.3   Testing of Cleanness

1.6.1   Inspection & Testing-AOI
1.6.2   Inspection & Testing-AXI
1.6.3   ICT Inspection & Testing-ICT
1.6.4   SPI Inspection & Testing-SPI
1.6.5   Inspection & Testing-Functional Testing

1.7.1   Rework & Repair
1.7.2   Hand Soldering

1.8.1   Assembly Tools
1.8.2   Process Control Tools
1.8.3   Device Programming

2.1    Manufacturing Software
2.2    Process Control Software
2.3    Management Software

3.1.1   Fluxes
3.1.2   Solder Alloy
3.1.3   Solder Paste
3.2.1   Underfills & Encapsulants
3.2.2   Conforming Coating Materials
3.2.3   Thermal Interface Materials

4.1    Compliance Testing & Services
4.2    Reclaiming & Services

5.1    Software Tools for Design
5.2    Testing Tools for Design

6.1    SMT Process- Printing
6.2    SMT Process--Placement
6.3    SMT Process- Soldering
6.4    SMT Process-Reworking

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