The 12th VISION Awards

Over the last 11 years, Vision Awards has acknowledged the outstanding products and processes that have enabled China's electronics-assembly industry to build better, more reliable products. Through the VISION Awards program, we have rewarded these truly visionary products and processes with VISION Awards.


The 12th VISION Awards Program
is Open for Nominations

Any product or process that is used in the assembly and testing of electronic products incorporating SMT technologies may be nominated for an award. Entries may include any process, material, equipment, software, or management service that was introduced into the China market between 1 Jan 2017 and 28 Feb 2018


SMT China Pays Tribute to Industry-Leading Products
at The 12th VISION Awards Ceremony

ASM Command Center of ASM Assembly Systems Takes Home the Top Prize—the VA Prime Award— for its Contribution to the SMT-Assembly Industry

SHANGHAI—24 April 2018—SMT China announced the winners of the 12th SMT China VISION Awards program at NEPCON China earlier today.

Adonis Mak, chairman of the SMT China VISION Awards program, presented VISION Awards and VA Excellence Awards and Innovation Award and Editor's Choice Award to products launched in 2017 that will significantly contribute to the SMT-assembly industry as judged by a panel of well-known SMT experts and dedicated SMT China readers.

In addition, Mak presented Chinese Achievement Awards to i-Stock ‖ PLUS of i-Stock and Smart AI Zhuhai ZhiXin Automation Technology whose products attained the highest overall scores among all entries submitted by Chinese companies.

He also presented The VA Prime Award to ASM Assembly Systems for its ASM Command Center, which attained the highest overall score from all entries in all the different product categories judged.

The SMT China VISION Awards was initiated in 2007 to recognize as benchmarks of excellence significant products within the SMT-assembly industry. The entered products were judged on their innovativeness and their contribution in helping the downstream industry to reduce costs, improve product quality, increase production efficiencies, and enhance product reliability. In addition, points were also awarded to entries that ensure worker safety, protect the environment, and their expected overall impact on the industry.

The Vision Awards program is the only international accreditation for the SMT-assembly industry in China with participation and support from both international and domestic suppliers serving the industry with the winners being judged by technical experts in the field, senior executives from the downstream industry, and dedicated SMT China readers.

Winner List


Shenzhen Sunmenta
Rehm Thermal Systems(Dongguan)
Rehm Thermal Systems(Dongguan)

South Jayong (Dong Guan)

Zhuhai ZhiXin Automation Technology




Any inventions or innovative products and/or technologies in SMT methods, processes, materials, equipment, software, and management services entered the China market between Jan 1, 2017 and Feb 28, 2018.


Be Innovative and contribute to at least one of the following: reduce Cost, improve Quality, increase Efficiency, enhance Reliability, ensure Safety, or Environment Protection.


A distinguished panel of independent judges will be invited. They are recognized experts from the industry and academics in the field of electronics manufacturing technology.

service 3
service 3


1.1.1     Pre-Assembly-PCB Loading Machine
1.1.2     Pre-Assembly-Component Molding Machine
1.1.3     Pre-Assembly-Software Programming
1.1.4     Pre-Assembly–Electrostatic measuring and Control
1.1.5     Pre-Assembly–Cleaning Equipment
1.1.6     Pre-Assembly–Solder mixing Machines

1.2.1     Solder Paste Printing-Stencil & Screen Printing
1.2.2     Solder Paste Printing-Jetting & Others
1.2.3     Solder Paste Printing-Accessory Equipment

1.3.1     Pick & Placement-High Volume
1.3.2     Pick & Placement-Medium
1.3.3     Pick & Placement-Multifunction
1.3.4     Pick & Placement-Feeders
1.3.5     Pick & Placement-Dispensing Equipment
1.3.6     Pick & Placement-Flux Dipping Module

1.4.1     Inserter-Standard-form
1.4.2     Inserter-Odd-form
1.4.3     Inserter-Sequencer/Taping Machine
1.4.4     Inserter-Vibrator Bowl

1.5.1     Soldering-Reflow
1.5.2     Soldering-Vacuum/Vapor Phase Reflow
1.5.3     Soldering-Wave soldering
1.5.4     Selective Soldering
1.5.5     Specific Soldering

1.6.1     Soldering-Thermal Profiler
1.6.2     Soldering-Profile Real-time Monitor

1.7.1     Cleaning-Cleaner
1.7.2     Cleaning-Stencil Auto Inspection
1.7.3     Cleaning-Waste Liquid Disposal
1.7.4     Ionic Contamination Tester

1.8.1     Coating-Glue Dispenser
1.8.2     Coating-Fluid Sprayer
1.8.3     Coating-Heat Curing Oven
1.8.4     Coating-UV Curing Oven
1.8.5     Coating-Auto Optical Inspection
1.8.6     Coating-Film Thickness Measurement

1.9.1     Inspection & Testing-SPI
1.9.2     Inspection & Testing-AOI
1.9.3     Inspection & Testing-AXI
1.9.4     Inspection & Testing-ICT
1.9.5     Inspection & Testing-FT

1.10.1     Rework- De-soldering Tools
1.10.2     Rework AOI + Selective Wave Soldering Tools

1.11.1     Assembly tools


Pauli Mak

+852-28386298 (English)

Organizer: ACT International