SMT China Magazine Announces The 5th SMT China VISION Award Winners
SMT China Magazine hosted The 5th Annual SMT China VISION Awards Presentation Ceremony on May 12, 2011 in Everbright Hotel, Shanghai, China. 23 products received SMT China VISION Awards. SMT China VISION Awards is currently the only program for the China’s electronic manufacturing industry. More than 120 guests from participating companies and professionals from the industry attended the Ceremony.
"The rapid development of China electronic manufacturing industry has drawn the world’s attention,” said Mr. Adonis Mak, Publishing Director of SMT China and President of ACT International Media Group. “Inevitably, international and domestic SMT equipments, materials and services providers have made tremendous contributions to the advance of the productive force of the downstream industry. In order to recognize their contributions, SMT China magazine launched the SMT China Vision Awards in 2007, which is the only authoritative program of its kind designed, organized and hosted for the China market, and receives the support and participation from world- leading suppliers.”
"In the year just past, many companies invested heavily and continuously in R&D to provide new innovation products, this brings new value and lifts productivity of the end-users. This is witnessed by the 23 new products receiving The 5th SMT China Vision Awards."He continued.
To ensure the professionalism, authority, fairness and justice of the assessment of SMT China Vision Awards, a distinguished panel of independent judges, who are recognized industry experts and professors in the field of electronics manufacturing technology, and a panel of selected SMT China readers, who work in the fields of communications, industrial electronics, computing and peripherals, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and EMS and OEMs in China, choose recipients of the SMT China Vision Awards, based on the Creativeness & Innovativeness of the entries and their contributions in helping the downstream industry to reduce Cost, improve Quality, increase Efficiency, enhance Reliability, improve Safety and Environmental friendliness.
Any entry, once identified by the judging panels to be advanced technology with creativeness, that helps the downstream industry in either lowering costs, or improving quality, or increasing efficiency, or enhancing reliability, or improving safety or environmental protection, will receive SMT China Vision Award, and be awarded with SMT China Vision Award sign.
This is an assessment of the upstream industries by the downstream.
A technology or product receiving SMT China Vision Award and SMT China Vision Award sign, means that the technology or product has been recognized by the downstream industry, and the winning companies have the right to print the SMT China Vision Award sign on their winning technologies or products.
The Winners are
The 5th SMT China Vision Awards Winner List
Vision Awards
Category Company Product
SMT Equipment
Solder Paste
Printing-Stencil & Screen
DEK International DEK Horizon 03iX
Solder Paste
Printing-Stencil & Screen
Speedline Technologies Asia PTE Ltd. MPM Momentum® Dual Lane
Solder Paste
Printing-Stencil & Screen
GKG Precision Machine Co., Ltd. GKG PMAX Automatic Screen Printer
Solder Paste
Printing-Stencil & Screen
Shenzhen Desen Precision Machine Co.,LTD DSP-3008 Semiconductor-level、full-auto solder paste printer
Dispensing Equipment Nordson ASYMTEK Nordson ASYMTEK Jet Dispenser for Side-View LED Manufacturing
Pick & Placement-Medium & Low Volume MYDATA MY100HXe with MY100DXe solution
Soldering - Reflow Speedline Technologies Asia PTE Ltd. OmniES Reflow Soldering
Soldering - Reflow Sun East Electronic Technology (ShenZhen) Co.,Ltd IPC-8(Genesis 8) Series Reflow Soldering
Soldering - Wave Sun East Electronic Technology (ShenZhen) Co.,Ltd Peak Series Lead-free Wave Soldering
PCB Cleaning Speedline Technologies Asia PTE Ltd. Aquastorm® 200 Stainless Steel In-line Cleaning
Inspection & Testing-AOI/SPI Machine Vision Products, Inc. Spectra
Inspection & Testing-AOI/SPI ZhenHuaXing Technology
(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
In-line VCTA-A586 AOI
Inspection & Testing-AOI/SPI ALeader Vision Technology Co.,Ltd. ALD700DL
Inspection & Testing - AXI Nordson DAGE XD7600NT Diamond FP X-ray Inspection System
Inspection & Testing - AXI Shenzhen Unicomp Technology Co., Ltd UNICOMP AX8200 Inspection Machine
Inspection & Testing - ICT Agilent Technologies Agilent M9186A PXI-based Versatile Voltage/Current Source Measurement Module
Process Control Tools DEK International ProActiv
Software-Production Management SITECH Electronics Technology Co., Ltd Intelligent Management System
Software-Production Management MYDATA MYCenter
Fluxes Cookson Electronics - ALPHA ALPHA®EF-6850HF Soldering Flux
Solder Materials Cookson Electronics - ALPHA ALPHA® Telecore XL-825 Lead-Free Cored Solder Wire
Underfills/ Encapsulants Henkel Adhesive Technologies-Electronics Macromelt® OM341
Conforming Coating Materials DEK International Nano-Protek
Achievement Award
Company Product
Sun East Electronic Technology (ShenZhen) Co.,Ltd IPC-8(Genesis 8) Series Reflow Soldering
Prime Product Company Product
DEK International DEK Horizon 03iX
Additionally, among the 23 products receiving SMT China Vision Awards, DEK Horizon 03iX, attained the highest score, therefore awarded The SMT China Vision Awards-Prime Product Award, and Suneast’s IPC-8(Genesis 8) Series Reflow Soldering, attained the highest score among the products from the local companies, is presented The SMT China Vision Awards-Achievement Award.
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