Nepcon 上海 2013 展览快讯
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关于《SMT China表面组装技术》
《表面组装技术》是针对中国EOEM和EMS供应商的技术性杂志,旨在帮助他们设计、组装和测试SMT印制电路板。它报道解决SMT印制电路板制造中的问题的办法,提供用于表面组装的材料、设备和软件发展的最新信息以及SMT行业的发展趋势。 《表面组装技术》的读者是专业技术人员,包括从事SMT制造的技术主管/经理、工艺工程师和科学家。
About SMT China
SMT China is a technical magazine tailored for EOEM and EMS providers in China, helping them to design, assemble and test surface mounted PCBs. It provides the latest information on solutions and technological developments in materials and tools for surface mount assembly and reports on SMT industry trends Its readers are technical professionals, including technical executives/managers, process engineers and scientists engaged in SMT manufacturing in China.
关于雅时国际商讯 (ACT International)
雅时国际商讯於1998年在香港注册成立,在北京,上海及深圳均设有办事处。目前出版九本行业媒体,主办多埸的研讨会及运行网站,面向国內不同领域的专业人士,在国內的读者人数超过八万,包括的行业有电子设计,电子制造,洁淨室,半导体,激光,光通信, 化合物半导体, LED及太阳能光伏等。
About ACT International Media Group
ACT International was established in Hong Kong in 1998, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Currently publishes 9 trade magazines, organizes number of technical conferences and manages technical websites, provides our audiences in Mainland China the latest, practical and technical information. Our readers in China exceed 80,000, they are in the fields of semiconductor manufacturing, electronic design, electronic manufacturing, contamination controls, laser, optical communications and compound semiconductor, LED and photovoltaics